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                                           Plans for Your Garage Door Repair Oak Park CA

Garage Door Repair Oak Park CA Having your garage door inspected on an annual basis is important to make sure it is operating smoothly and any parts that are worn are found and replaced. Rather than calling an overhead door company every year to schedule maintenance, get a maintenance plan from the company you deal with so the service is done every year whether you remember to schedule an appointment or not Emergency? Call (805) 380-3418

Benefits of a Maintenance PlanGarage Door Repair Oak Park CA

Some garage door companies offer maintenance plans on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Rather than you having to remember to call for a maintenance appointment, your company will keep track of when you had your last service and send you a remember or call you to set-up an appointment for a service technician to come out to inspect your garage door. Some of the benefits of a maintenance plan include: ?Keeps your garage door in good working order. A garage door has several moving parts and a service technician will make sure they are in good condition, they are moving correctly and inspect them for wear. They will also lubricate them as needed garage door spring repair Oak Park CA.

Regular maintenance will help prevent emergencies. By making sure parts are in good condition, lubricating them and tightening loose bolts or screws, there will be fewer problems with your garage door. There will be less of a chance that something will break in the middle of the night, causing an emergency call to Garage Door Repair Oak Park CA. By keeping parts in good working order, you can prevent the need for a new garage door or garage door opener for several years. The better parts are maintained, the longer they last, no matter what type of mechanism it is Torsion and Extension springs service.

What Maintenance to Expect

Your garage door service technician will thoroughly inspect your garage door and all of its moving parts during the maintenance appointment to look for worn parts, loose fittings, rusting metal and signs of wear on: Cables, Chains, Rollers, Brackets, Hinges, Bearings, Release mechanisms, Brakes, spring and more

Not only is regular maintenance a monetary issue, but it can prevent safety issues as well. Your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object on your home and it can cause fatal accidents if your overhead door isn’t properly maintained. A door that slams down because of a broken spring or bracket can crush anything that is beneath it, whether it is your car, a pet or someone’s foot. Regular maintenance can prevent those problems

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