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Garage Door Repair Norwalk CA - Simple Tips to Maintaining a Garage Door

Your garage door is something you probably don’t have to think about very much in your day to day life, and that’s a good thing, but every now and then you should spend some time making sure the door is in good condition, and perform any necessary maintenance. This doesn’t have to happen very often at all, and about once per year will suffice. Below are the two important things you can do yourself with no need to call Garage Door Repair Norwalk CA to keep your garage door operating smoothly garage door opener repair norwalk california.
Lubrication and Cleaning
In some cases you may find hinges or the rollers on your garage door need a bit of lubrication to keep the system operating without strain. A stuck roller can put added stress on a motor and lower its overall lifespan. When oiling these parts be sure to use a non-silicon based lubricant.

While you can lubricate metal rollers, you should never do so in the case that you have rollers made out of nylon. They don’t need it, and this will actually damage them more than simply leaving them alone. If you have problems with nylon rollers call Garage Door Repair Norwalk CA, the rollers may need to be cleaned or replaced.

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When it comes to the basic cleaning of your garage door, the only things you will need for this are your detergent of choice, water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Garage doors need to be cleaned approximately once per year, though in some climates it’s a good idea to do this more often, just like the outside of your home. If the door is wooden it should also be inspected for cracks in the paint to prevent weather damage or rot.Broken spring repair and replacement

Safety Checks

The most simple check you can do is to turn off your garage door opener and manually lift the door about halfway, then just let go. Your garage door should not move at all, so if it raises or lowers more than an inch this indicates it is not balanced and should be looked at or adjusted by one of the Garage Door Repair Norwalk CA professionalls.

You can manually check your garage door for faults visually. Look for things that are worn, frayed, bent or rusted, as these may need to be replaced. Tighten any bolts which may have become loose. However, be careful to note any part of the garage door which is painted in red, as this indicates they are under tension and should only be adjusted by a Garage Door Repair Norwalk CA professional.

If you have a torsion spring you should not attempt to repair or replace it yourself, because they are under very high tension and may be dangerous if the job is not handled properly. You should still be able to give your springs a visual once-over to spot any problems, and that balance test we talked about earlier will reveal any major problems with your springs

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